Integrated Mine Planning Software

Inadequate leadership is making the mining industry one of the most hazardous operational activities in the world.

Mining operations are inherently large and complex. Planners, managers and supervisors work across multiple teams and locations, where frontline workers face the risk of injury every day. The hazardous nature of the work means safety is an ongoing concern for mining teams. Through higher worker injury rates, a poor safety record is also a financial liability.

The role of leaders is crucial to the improvement of any operation’s safety performance. For a safety culture to be successful, it needs to be led from the top. Reversely, poor supervision can lead to unfortunate consequences. It is necessary to create a framework of preventive measures, align people’s positions with their responsibilities in terms of safety, and to integrate the specifications of safety requirements in performance management.

This white paper examines the evidence around safety risks in mining. We also discuss the role of leadership, planning and scheduling in preventing accidents on mining operations and explore the role of software in improving on-site safety.

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Eliminating Risks in Mining Operations