What does the Short Interval Control app do?

Using mobile technology and real-time data, supervisors can track work on their tablets or mobile phones using our Short Interval Control (SIC) app while they are on site. The SIC app connects Fewzion, so that the work of underground crews is regularly measured against plans and updated in real time.

Short Interval Control mining

Part of an effective management operating system

Each shift is broken into “short intervals” so that supervisors regularly review performance, enabling mid-course corrections and immediate fixes that add up to big improvements in overall performance.

Implementing Short Interval Control

Normally supervisors need months of coaching to get Short Interval Control up and running. With Fewzion, this can be achieved in just a couple of weeks.

With data from their fleet management system and our offline app showing them how they are progressing, they can communicate results and actions taken directly from the field to everyone on site.

Download our Management Operating System Toolkit for frontline superintendents, planners and supervisors

Short Interval Control
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