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About us

We partner with mining & metals companies globally that are committed to the workplans they wish to execute, by fostering alignment, accountability, and continuous improvement.

We believe that operational excellence hinges on the power of commitment to execute work plans. Our purpose-built software solutions provide the ability to digitally manage your work plans, operational processes, tasks, teams, and resources in one unified platform. This empowers people to commit to the right task at the right time and location, making everyone involved more productive.

Since launching our first product Fewzion over a decade ago, Commit Works’ suite of software has helped operations reduce day-to-day variability, empowered committed and coordinated teams, and helped operations to sustainably improve results.

About Us
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Our software

Our enterprise-grade software solutions help mining and metals operations to commit to operational excellence by:

  • Facilitating Dynamic Planning: Adapt to changes in operational environment, ensuring the right people and equipment are assigned to the right tasks at the right time.
  • Providing Clear Work Visibility: Deliver comprehensive visibility of work activities through our digital platform, improving situational awareness and decision-making.
  • Enhancing Communication and Collaboration: Improve team communication and teamwork, ensuring everyone is aligned with the workplans and committed to operational success.
  • Enabling Performance Tracking: Monitor and measure results in short intervals, driving continuous improvement and operational stability.

Download our case studies and white papers

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