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About us

Commit Works is a team of experienced business improvement and technology experts who got tired of the waste and old-fashioned tools used in operations consulting.

We believe successful organisations are driven by people that make commitments to each other and then deliver on them. Doing this over and over – every shift, every day and every week – builds trust and reliability and enhances business results.

Since launching our first product Fewzion over a decade ago, Commit Works’ suite of software has helped operations eliminate day-to-day variability, empowered committed and coordinated teams, and helped teams to sustainably improve results.

We now work with customers on five continents, across multiple resource types and mining methods. Our growing list of customers includes Anglo American, Barrick, BHP, Glencore, Macmahon, Mastermyne, Oceana Gold, Peabody and Rio Tinto.

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Our software

Our products help you out-plan uncertainty by making it easy to:

  • do cross-functional planning
  • communicate and collaborate on your frontline plan
  • visualise your workplace
  • track results in short intervals

We have created products that are flexible enough to make any industrial workforce safer and more productive. Our tools are easy to use for supervisors and their crews, as well as useful to engineers and planners.

Download our case studies and white papers

Case Study – Rio Tinto’s Kestrel Mine: 51% Increase in Production
Case Study – Gold Mine Turnaround: 35% Increase in Gold Production
White Paper – Influencing Behaviour Change: Why a Software-driven Planning System Beats Spreadsheets
White Paper – Planned Work Is Safe Work: Eliminating Risks In Mining Operations