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Software for rapid, sustainable performance improvement

Commit Works’ market-leading frontline work management solution improves coordination of frontline workers and reduces day-to-day variability, enabling frontline teams to work together as a well organised and high performing team.

We enable resource sector operations to close the gap between current and potential performance

Integrated frontline work management

For 10 years we have led the digital transformation of integrated frontline work management. Operations use our solution to enable teams to commit to and execute the right work, at the right time, right across the site.

Our structured ongoing partnering approach ensures we work together to set and deliver on realistic expectations for closing the gap between current and potential performance.

Integrated Frontline Work Management Team Benefits
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Frontline work management and short interval control

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Interactive digital map of plans, people and equipment

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Software proven to empower teams

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Our software integrates people with processes and technology to make integrated frontline work management possible.

Our software solves the last mile, connecting IT and OT systems with frontline teams.

Experience has shown that the combination of software and coordinated management helps operations improve performance.

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Our story

We started out as consultants many years ago, making spreadsheets and whiteboards for mine sites. We realised these tools were not really doing the job: they weren’t sustainable and were hard for people to use.

Since launching our first product Fewzion over a decade ago, Commit Works’ suite of software has helped operations eliminate day-to-day variability, empowered committed and coordinated frontline teams, and helped teams to sustainably improve results.

For 10 years we have led the digital transformation of integrated frontline work management. Our structured ongoing partnering approach ensures we work together to set and deliver on realistic expectations for closing the gap between current and potential performance.

We work with customers on five continents, across multiple resource types and mining methods. Our client list includes Anglo American, Barrick Gold, BHP, Evolution Mining, Glencore, Oceana Gold, Peabody, Rio Tinto, South32 and many others in all the major mining and resources regions of the world.

The world’s leading mining companies use Commit Works

Reduce variability to improve productivity

Most resource sector operations can significantly improve their performance by improving the coordination and productivity of frontline work.

The key is eliminating the waste caused by avoidable interruptions to the work of frontline operational crews and their machines.

Before After Commit Works

Rapid, sustainable performance improvements are typically seen within months of implementation

What people say about us

Andy GreigFormer President of Mining & Metals Business, Bechtel

Commit Works takes planning down to the detail level for the supervisor and it’s completely different to anything that exists in the mining or construction industry, so it’s going to be completely disruptive.

Mark FranklinManaging Director, First Principles Consulting

Of all the various bits of software that can be introduced to the workforce, I would suggest CiteOps is amongst the most innovative and with the highest impact potential.

Dolf WirthBusiness Improvement Leader Consultant

Having implemented many systems including Oracle and a $200 mil SAP program, as well as bespoke systems, I can say that the Commit Works system is one of the best I have seen for driving results – easy to use and a fraction of the price.

Glen BrittonHead of Underground Coal Operations, Anglo American

Commit Works' software is the backbone of our operations and played it's part in us achieving a record year in 2017.

Alan WillisRio Tinto

When the site is using Commit Works correctly, it is a great tool making everyone aware of planned work. It is also not a difficult product to use.

Justice NyandeniAnglo American

Using the system I have found better results in terms of planning which resulted to good production performance.

Sean McCarthySuperintendent Engineering, Barrick Hemlo

The project had an immediate impact on underground production, especially production drilling. There were many examples during the first couple of weeks where the control room supervisor was able to identify an emerging issue and redeploy resources to minimize the impact on production. Pre Commit Works any one of these issues would have cost the mine half a shift of production from 2 or 3 pieces of equipment.

Matt JurakDevelopment Superintendent, Glencore

We've increased meters by about 30% and are now hitting budget for the first time, we're just a lot more organized than we were.

Scott DobbieProduction Manager

The key is that everyone can see 'plan vs actual' all over the site so there's no hiding.

Alisha BaxFormer Continuous Improvement Manager

The transition from an Excel-based macro enabled spreadsheet to Commit Works was a revolution, by replacing large numbers of spreadsheets and whiteboards it provides full transparency to any level within the organisation.

Marcus Lindahgumede

Commit Works makes planning and scheduling much easier and enables work required to be brought together under one platform.

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Case Study – Gold Mine Turnaround: Increase in Gold Production
White Paper – Influencing Behaviour Change: Why a Software-driven Planning System Beats Spreadsheets
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