• Software To Out Plan Uncertainty

    We make Integrated Mine Planning software that gets everyone on your site working from the same well thought out plan and pulling in the same direction.

  • Everyone On The Same Page

    Our easy to use commitment system tools quickly connect to your ERP, Planning, Safety & Project systems so that the things that matter to frontline leaders, planners and their teams are in the plan and visible to everyone, every shift.

  • Lead Committed, Productive, Trusting teams

    Successful organisations are built by people who make commitments to each other and deliver on them. Doing this over and over again improves productivity, builds trust and helps your team to out plan uncertainty

  • Integrated Mine Planning Software To Improve Any Workplace

    Better planning, visibility and coordination can help in any workplace. Our products work in all blue collar or craft based industries to bring improved commitment, productivity and safety to the workplace.

  • Let’s Do Something Great Together

    Whether you need a solution for short interval control, work management or visual hazard management reach out to learn how our commitment platforms can benefit your operation.



Integrated Mine Planning software for more productive workforces.

Integrated Mine Planning software

Short Interval Control

A straightforward and powerful app for shift supervisors to track performance.

INtegrated Mine planning Software

Visual Ops

A visual management system mapping hazards, people, equipment and assets on site.

Visual Ops - Commit Works

Integrated Mine Planning Software

At Commit Works we’re all about software that boosts performance, empowers teams and creates safer workplaces.

Our Fewzion product is a comprehensive, fully integrated mine planning software that gets everyone working together on the same page.

It puts the Plan versus Actual in the hands of the Supervisor – all in one integrated system.

What People Say About Us

“Fewzion integrated mine planning software takes planning down to the detail level for the supervisor and it’s completely different to anything that exists in the mining or construction industry, so it’s going to be completely disruptive”

Andy Greig
Andy GreigFormer President of Mining & Metals business at Bechtel, Director and Investor

“Of all the various bits of software that can be introduced to the workforce, I would suggest Fewzion is amongst the most disruptive and with the highest impact potential.”

Mark Franklin
Mark FranklinManaging Director, First Principles Consulting

“Having implemented many systems including Oracle and a $200 mil SAP program, as well as bespoke systems, I can say that the Fewzion system is one of the best I have seen for driving results – easy to use and a fraction of the price.”

Dolf Wirth
Dolf WirthBusiness Improvement Leader Consultant

“Fewzion is the backbone of our operations.Together, we’ve pioneered a series of unique innovations –Fewzion and Visual Ops.”

Glen Britton
Glen BrittonHead of Underground Coal Operations at Anglo American

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Integrated Mine Planning Software

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Integrated Mine PLanning Software

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