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Commit Works helps resource sector companies to create Commitment Systems that drive rapid, sustainable productivity improvement.

A global leader since 2011, we help mid and top-tier customers on five continents to achieve high impact and sustainable results. Having lived and breathed continuous improvement in the resources industry, our team has retained the human side of visual management whilst digitising the tools.

Our growing list of customers includes Adaro, Anglo American, Barrick, BHP, Glencore, Mastermyne, Oceana Gold, Rio Tinto and South 32. We work across multiple resource types and mining methods in underground coal, underground hard rock, open cut, mining plant and smelters.

Discover the three crucial steps mining operations need to take to increase their productivity and why reducing variability should always precede investing more capital.

White Paper – Putting the Horse Before the Cart: Don’t Spend Capital Until Your Operations are Under Control

Discover how adopting a connected, collaborative frontline productivity solution helps operations coordinate and control work in these unprecedented times.

Download our White Paper – Connecting Teams Without Disruption
White Paper – Navigating Uncertain Times: Connecting Teams Without Disruption

Learn why using a software-driven Management Operating System over conventional spreadsheets and whiteboards is the key to creating sustainable behavioural change in organisations.

White Paper – Influencing Behaviour Change: Why a Software-driven Planning System Beats Spreadsheets

An in-depth look at our robust implementation approach which allows teams to adopt the new software and deliver results quickly and sustainably.

White Paper – Achieving Rapid, Sustainable Change: The Importance of a Rigorous Implementation Approach

A detailed look at the safety risks in mining; the importance of leadership, planning and scheduling in preventing accidents; and the key role software can play in improving safety.

Download our White Paper – Eliminating Risks in Mining Operations
White Paper – Planned Work Is Safe Work: Eliminating Risks In Mining Operations