Management Operating System

By January 6th, 2021Commit Works
Management Operating System

How does a Management Operating System help Improve Performance

A management operating system (MOS) is the set of tools, meetings and behaviours used to manage your people and processes to deliver results. A Management Operating System (MOS) follows the Plan, Do, Check, Act improvement cycle to get control and steadily improve process performance.

The tools and work practices of a Management Operating System enable Front Line Leaders to detect and correct mistakes before they become serious and helps to minimize wastage and loss. Awareness of the performance of the process at short intervals enables corrective actions to be taken and ensures efficiency by monitoring the allocation and use of resources.

Effective management operating systems improve operational performance, however most systems are built using clunky spreadsheets and whiteboards that are hard to implement and sustain. Fewzion changes this by putting an easy to use, visual system in the hands of planners and front line leaders so that they can get control of their processes and improve performance one shift at a time.

Plan the Work

Fewzion helps you build an effective plan by connecting the work you want to do and the targets you want to meet with the resources and equipment you need to get the plan done. Fewzion has roster and equipment planning tools in our shiftly planning system to ensure plans can be resource balanced easily.

Work (Do) the Plan

Shift managers and supervisors should adapt their plan for changing conditions then take it with then on a tablet or print it (including attachments such as work orders and tool box talks) to communicate and execute with their crew during the shift.

Check Performance for Accountability

Throughout and at the end of shift, supervisors complete their “Actuals” touch screens with KPI results, tasks they have completed and answer any critical questions. Shift Managers should discuss performance with their supervisor using these screens to close the “leadership loop”

Report and Improve

Each day the gathered data is used to provide management with daily and weekly operating reports about production and KPI performance for use in review meetings. We also send reports on system usage and tie and attendance to help identify issues with the behaviours you should expect from your frontline leaders.

Fewzion is a web based Management Operating System (MOS) that replaces the cluster of paperwork, spreadsheets and whiteboards used in shift planning, rosters, leave and equipment scheduling and performance reporting to simplify your operational management. Fewzion is fast to get going and simple to use making it easier for your planners, managers and front line leaders to safely improve production and performance.

From weekly and daily planning to handovers, short interval control to daily review meetings Fewzion covers off the critical elements of your Management System so you can sustainably Plan, Do, Check & Act your way to improved results with a better Management Operating System.

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