How mining leaders can take charge to improve safety, productivity and reduce stress

Mining Leaders

This article explores how combining a management operating system with frontline work management software can help stabilise operations, improve safety, lift productivity and reduce stress.

Mine operations are stressful. Do the below descriptions of different roles seem familiar?
Mine managers can sometimes find themselves frustrated by shift managers being unable to deliver production results according to the plan. They may also be worried about the impact the unstable production environment will have on safety.

Executives often wonder if a different General or Mine Manager would reduce the number of unpleasant surprises that the executive team are ultimately responsible for. They may also find inter-departmental trust and coordination are not what it should be, and wonder if new blood would improve things.

Shift managers are often stressed by the impediments to getting work done and meeting their targets, while making sure that everyone stays safe.

Supervisors can be frustrated with the volume of work created by head office initiatives, missing information, and difficulty in coordinating with other departments to deliver on their mandated targets. They can become upset at the blaming of individuals for poor results that are out of their control.

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