Breaking down the silos

By March 23rd, 2022Commit Works
Breaking Down The Silos

As has been well documented, no modern mine is short of data today. What these operations continually lack, however, is an ability to fully leverage this data across processes as they are often constrained by data/process silos, interoperability issues, employee incentive programs and more.

International Mining Editor Daniel Gleeson chatted with our CEO Paul Moynagh and other leaders to find out how far off the sector is from ‘connecting the dots.

“We think the biggest improvement opportunity in the resources industry is found in coordinating the day-to-day work of frontline teams so that all the departments can work together to improve the productivity of their operations. Our software brings the silos of data together (by integrating with mine planning, ERP, HR, safety and project tools) so that the right work can be planned and executed by the right people with the right machines each and every shift. It’s been our experience (over more than 25 implementations) that sites who use our software improve their productivity by over 20% within weeks of go live.” – Paul Moynagh, Commit Works CEO

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