Why Fewzion is the right tool for Maintenance Scheduling?

By January 6th, 2021Commit Works
Why Fewzion is the right tool for Maintenance Scheduling?

A number of our customers currently use Fewzion to schedule maintenance work in combination with their production activities. This is important because in continuous processes it is often necessary to take possession of critical pieces of equipment (that would otherwise be used in the process) to perform the required maintenance.

Useful features that help with maintenance scheduling include

  1. The ability to set up recurring tasks.
  2. The ability to set maintenance KPIs such as Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) or Repair (MTTR), OEE, Schedule Compliance or simply mechanical maintenance tasks done this shift.
  3. The ability to add attachments to tasks (i.e. work instructions or work orders)
  4. Cross functional planning, maintenance planners can schedule work in a production area and the production planner can see the task and approve or decline it to be done on this shift.
  5. Maintenance technicians and/or supervisors can complete tasks in Fewzion so that everyone knows instantly that the task is complete.

There are two ways you can use Fewzion for maintenance scheduling.

  1. As a stand alone maintenance scheduler for a process. In this case maintenance tasks can be set up and described as standard tasks in Fewzion with relevant work order detail attached. These standard tasks can either be scheduled manually or set to recur at regular intervals in the future.
  2. As a scheduler for an asset management or maintenance system such as SAP. In this case we would integrate with your maintenance management system and drag in work orders to be scheduled to a resource balanced shift. Work order documents and instructions can be included as attachments. Maintenance tasks can be uploaded to Fewzion and scheduled directly to the shift or put into the “planned tasks” area on the right for scheduling later.

See the process planning screen below.

Why Fewzion is the right tool for Maintenance Scheduling?

Our customers tell us that having a scheduling system that is easy to use (like Fewzion) is saving them time and ensuring that they have better visibility of the work that needs to be done each shift. This means maintenance work is more likely to be planned and completed and this translates into better reliability and consequently improved production. Making everyone from the GM to the workshop and production crew happy.

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