Mine planning software - North America

With a background in consulting, our team has first-hand experience in implementing difficult manual whiteboards and spreadsheets for mining operations around the world. This translates to invaluable experience of getting teams to adopt complicated and difficult to use manual tools – and seeing first-hand how these tools weren’t really doing the job.

After seeing what doesn’t work, we have become experts at getting users to adopt our much simpler, more connected and easy to use software. We have increasingly performed elements of the system set up, configuration, training and change process remotely, using video conference and remote access to the system. This has developed over the years, so now the connectedness and ease of use of the software has enabled fully remote implementations – never more relevant than in our current trying times.

Our software has been specifically designed to replace those manual and hard to use visual management systems and can be implemented either on site or remotely, giving operations the flexibility to function effectively where access to site is limited. In this white paper, we offer a detailed look at how our software is implemented and how it helps deliver rapid, sustainable change for mines around the world.

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Achieving Rapid, Sustainable Change Through Rigorous Implementation