Get real-time visibility on an interactive map

With up to date data from the ground, everyone on your team can easily locate people and equipment during shifts, as well as being aware of onsite hazards. This makes operations more productive and safer for everyone.

Visual Ops - Mining Software

Pin-point strata defects, equipment and teams

CiteMap shows the location of hazards, people, equipment, assets – anything that has a location in an operation.

It’s an easy-to-use open mapping platform that can connect to other location-based systems, making all of the data available in one place.


Better onsite coordination – With real-time data on people, equipment, and onsite hazards, hours of production time aren’t wasted on re-coordinating people, tasks and equipment.

Improve onsite safety – CiteMap provides teams with real-time awareness of all workplace hazards, making operations safer.

More visibility across operations – Everyone on your team can track hazards and tasks on their own device, using a browser-based application and local Wi-Fi connection

Visual Ops- Mining Software

For better and safer work

CiteMap ensures a high level of situational awareness for everyone on your team. The interactive map provides real time visibility of whether or not key equipment or people are available, allowing plans to be adapted in real time to maximise productivity and safety.

CiteMap can be synchronised across everyone’s devices on site so everyone on your team is aware of onsite hazards. This reduces risk and improves coordination across operations.

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