Get real-time data on an interactive map

Everyone on your team can track hazards and tasks on their own device. Visual Ops is browser-based and uses your local Wi-Fi connection.

  • Zoom in for more detail
  • Add layers
  • Drop markers
  • Add details and attach photos and documents
Visual Ops - Mining Software

Pin-point strata defects, equipment and teams

Visual Ops shows the location of hazards, people, equipment, assets… anything that has a location in an operation.

It’s an easy-to-use open mapping platform that can connect to other location-based systems, making all of the data available in one place.

Anglo American and Commit Works partnership wins 2017 METS Ignited Collaboration Award

Together, the team co-designed and implemented Visual Ops – a unique visual management system providing near real-time operations mapping – to monitor hazards and the progress of work at Anglo American’s Moranbah North mine.

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Visual Ops- Mining Software

Work safer and better

Visual Ops can be synchronised across everyone’s devices on site so that they’re aware of hazards. It reduces risk and improves coordination by ensuring a high level of situational awareness for everyone on your team.

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