This Gap is Wasting Your money, Reducing Production and Risking Safety

By January 26th, 2021Commit Works

There is a big gap in your operational systems that is wasting money, risking lives and losing you production. Don’t believe me? Read on or watch the video below…

Can you say “nothing happens on site if it’s not in …” (insert name of your frontline site management system)?

If not you’re not alone, in fact many of the biggest names in mining and infrastructure can’t give a single answer to this question, despite spending billions of dollars on ERP, planning, operational, maintenance and fleet management systems.

On the other hand, major clients of ours say “nothing happens if it’s not in Fewzion” this gives them confidence that their people are going to be engaged in planned work each shift.

This is critical to the top three things that keep every manager up at night because it,

1. Keeps their people safe – some studies say planned work is 10x safer than unplanned work because people tend to be prepared with the right skills and equipment to do the job properly first time.

2. Reduces waste, work that is planned is normally more productive than unplanned work. For example, one study by Deloitte showed that unplanned maintenance costs three times more than planned maintenance.

3. Increases production, the continuous use of the Plan, Do Check, Act cycle improves results across all areas. One of our clients has more than doubled production while using Fewzion.

Fewzion is easy to use, fast to set up and can be implemented for no capital cost.

Contact us now and we’ll help you make 2016 your best year ever.


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