Sick of planning spreadsheets

By January 6th, 2021Commit Works

How does your team turn a plan into the detailed work that needs to get done every day? Do you use spreadsheets or whiteboards? Are they slow, difficult to use and hard to keep up to date?

Based on our conversations with people in mining, construction and utilities everyone seems to be using a spreadsheet or whiteboard of some sort to plan the work and the targets that need to be met every shift. It seems to us that there is almost universal dissatisfaction with these tools? Why do we suffer in silence?

If this sounds like you then Fewzion’s powerfully simple shift planning tool might be just what you need to improve your planning and scheduling system.

Fewzion makes it extremely easy to get an up to date plan in the hands of the guy who’s accountable for getting it done. It’s quick and easy to get going on your site and everyone will love the person who got rid of their dreaded spreadsheets…

If this is a problem you share why not send us a message.

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