Commit to safety and results

By January 6th, 2021Software, Safety
Commitment Management system

At the centre of every Management Operating System (MOS) is the simple behaviour of committing to a plan. Over the years we’ve found one of the toughest challenges of a MOS project is to get people to believe that the plan they are committing to is in fact possible. This is normally because plans never play out the way they are planned.

It’s seldom that a team in any operation is able to simply get on with their work without interaction with other teams. With most frontline planning spreadsheets it’s impossible to reliably bring all the production, maintenance, project, roster, leave, training and safety work together into a complete shift plan. This means people at all levels are reticentto commit to it. The crew may see low targets on some shifts and unachievable targets on the shifts where the work they have to do doesn’t match the target. They can start to believe the planners and coordinators don’t know what
they’re doing…

What’s needed is a “Commitment Management System” that provides an integrated, single view of what’s planned for everyone on site today, tomorrow and for the week. Do you have a tool where people can say “nothing happens onsite if it’s not in …?”

It is possible to quickly take your current MOS and turn it into an effective commitment management system. In most cases the missing link is a visual software tool that helps people make reasonable commitments to each other, communicate these commitments visibly across the site and then see when these commitments are delivered upon.

In this day and age you can do much better than a macro laden spreadsheet or series of whiteboards. Fewzion exists to tie all work and results together to get everyone on the same page. This delivers improvements in your cost per tonne and the safety of your people on site.