Resource attendance tracking

By March 22nd, 2022Commit Works

Now that you spent all that time setting up your roster it is time to squeeze every ounce of value from all that hard work. The shift attendance tracking feature seamlessly integrates to your existing attendance system to give real-time attendance monitoring of your personnel. Following the setup of a few simple configuration parameters, nominated users will start receiving real-time alerts of every imaginable exception to the roster.

Shift Attendance Logs

Attendance tracking

From now and thanks to this tool included in our amazing management software is going to be much easier to control your personnel so that you could focus on another task which requires your attention rather than be worried about the attendance, besides, as soon as you start using this simple but useful feature you will realize how easy is to manage it and it will help you to avoid the issues than could be affecting the normal performance in every process and the most important part  Fewzion scheduling software will help you to eliminate schedule-related attendance excuses .

The shift attendance tracking logs are built over time to create a powerful audit trail of your personnel’s shift attendance, which you can query using some simple filters, and export to excel at the click of a button.

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