Remote but Connected and Committed

By March 23rd, 2022Company

An Important Message from the Commit Works team regarding the current challenges presented by COVID-19

As the business community starts to navigate uncertain territory amongst the COVID-19 pandemic, we felt it important to communicate with our valued clients, contacts and friends during this time.

We will continue to operate at 100% capacity and we are closely monitoring the situation in the following ways:

  • We are following the guidance supplied by the World Health Organisation and our respective Government authorities’ health guidelines to help us weather the storm created by this virus.
  • We remain open, with multiple lines of communication activated to ensure business as usual continuity.
  • Our remote working and secure IT systems have all been tested and are in place to seamlessly continue operations, and most importantly enabling us to provide service and support to our customers and users around the world, ensuring there will be no disruption to our customer support or software development work.
  • Through the effective use of remote technology, all planned site visits will be replaced with video conferencing to maintain the face to face contact so vital to our ongoing relationships with clients.
  • We will closely monitor the policy changes that our clients are enforcing whilst we roll out our remote support plan.

Despite the challenges facing us, we are committed to maintaining the highest possible levels of support and ensuring we remain responsive to the needs of our clients. We know these are unprecedented times. With the right upfront planning, we will get through this together.

Though there will be no handshakes for a while, rest assured, we’ll be here to support you.

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.