Paul Moynagh appointed CEO of Commit Works – Fewzion

By January 6th, 2021Company, Team
Paul Moynagh - Commit Works CEO

Commit Works – Fewzion today announced that it has appointed Paul Moynagh as Chief Executive Officer. Co-Founder and current CEO Alex Retzlaff will continue to serve as Chief Technical Officer and Executive Chairman of the Commit Works Board of Directors.

Commit Works is a global leader in frontline planning and short interval control software that empowers high trust, high commitment organisations through the implementation of a commitment system to create and sustain these behaviours.

Former President of Bechtel’s Mining & Metals business and Commit Works board member Andy Greig said that Commit Works is a transformational technology company that has pioneered a new age in frontline work management by making it possible for frontline teams to express and deliver on the commitments they make to each other in daily work plans.

“We are thrilled to have Paul as our CEO. The next five years are going to be extraordinary for the company, and I have no doubt that the greatest impact of Commit Works on the world is yet to come,” he said.

Retzlaff added that he and Moynagh have been on this journey together for over four years.

“Paul’s experience growing the business and working with partners is what we need to take us into the future as we help large organisations out plan uncertainty with our visual work management and short interval control tools. Paul is going to help us take Commit Works – Fewzion to the next level. His passion for delivering results, serving customers at a global scale, and his authentic team player attitude make him the right person for the job,” said Retzlaff.

“I am incredibly excited and honoured to lead the Commit Works team,” said Moynagh. “We have that rare combination of a passionate customer base, leading products, amazingly talented people and momentum in the market. Our company is facilitating the convergence of Information and Operational Technology to fill the gap between Enterprise Resource Planning systems and fleet, SCADA and Internet of Things (IoT) systems. This gap is where supervisors and most employees work and sadly, right now most go to work without a good plan to lead their teams with. Commit Works is changing this for a growing number of the largest organisations on the globe.”

Moynagh is passionate about shaking up the spreadsheets, whiteboards and paper that lean and six sigma consultants have plastered the walls with over the last 30 years. He believes that it is time frontline supervisors and leaders had tools that are both fat finger friendly and drive the right management and leadership behaviours with integrated frontline planning and the plan, do, check, act cycle.

“As we add capabilities for our customers, deepen our enterprise presence, and expand into the cloud, our mission remains unchanged: to help people out plan uncertainty at the frontline of major operations and in doing so help them deliver sustained, reliable production improvements to their shareholders,” Moynagh explained.

Alex Retzlaff will remain actively involved in the company as CTO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He will continue to assist the company by driving the technology agenda and making sure our users have great experiences with the software. Retzlaff has served as Fewzion’s CEO for 4 years and helped conceive of and build the system in collaboration with clients from the ground up.

“We’re just getting started in our journey,” said Retzlaff. “Commit Works has the capability to become the standard for how people know what work to do each day and whether this work is getting done. In helping people with this, we are growing into a globally recognised technology brand. With the company’s scale and success to date, we have the opportunity to broaden our leadership team as we continue to impress customers and to build the company.”

In conjunction with this announcement, Commit Works will host a conference call on Wednesday 7th June with Paul Moynagh. A live audio webcast and replay of the call will be available in the News section of the Commit Works website.

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Commit Works – Fewzion makes software that helps operations out plan uncertainty by getting all their people working together on the same page. 40% of the world’s largest mining firms use Fewzion to improve production at their operational coal face and to help deliver massive capital projects ahead of schedule and under budget.

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