Fewzion for Operations and Technology Leaders

By January 6th, 2021Commit Works

This presentation was made at the CIO strategy summit in Melbourne early this year.

In this video our Co-founder Paul Moynagh explains what operations and technology leaders in large organizations need to know about Fewzion and how it fills the gap in their operational technology map.

Paul empathizes the importance of having a plan before the start of every shift to improve productivity and reduce the risk of injuries on site. Fewzion makes this easy by getting all of the sources of work in one place so that the supervisor has a good plan to follow and has just enough people to safely and productively complete the work. This reduces waste and improves productivity by ensuring all work on site is planned and properly coordinated.

Importantly Fewzion makes ERP solutions easier to use for the whole site (saving huge amounts of money in their implementation) and also gets rid of a huge amount of “shadow IT” i.e. all the spreadsheets and Access Databases that people use to connect the dots in their teams, reducing support needs and potential security issues.
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