Mining technology improving the bottom line

By January 6th, 2021Commit Works
Mining technology improving the bottom line

Mining technology makes life easier because, well…it just does. Mining and logistics are large industries where errors can cost millions, not to mention jobs and reputations.

Products like Fewzion have done away with old school methods, like paper and spreadsheets, to make important information accessible to everyone. Mining companies are concerned with delivering on time and on budget (preferably under). In the old days, directors could only contact project managers by telephone to receive updates and give directions. Advances in tech have changed this drastically.

Fewzion’s mining technology allows anyone on the job, or in the boardroom, to see progress in real time. They can also see who and what is rostered on for shifts. Anyone can check the KPIs per shift or for the project as a whole. This streamlines communication and goals are transparent. Everyone knows what they’re working towards.

The program compiles reports from data that’s pulled during the project. This way, project managers and other executives can make presentations with confidence because they know the data is accurate, at least at the time of the shift or on the day in question.

Mining technology has benefits for the workers on the front line, especially. The teams on site rely on performance data the most. They need to see how the work is progressing, how much is left to do before targets are reached, and if they’re required to collaborate on other silos. In the past, targets and performance data  were pinned to a board in an office somewhere. Now they’re accessible with a few taps on a screen, thanks to a Fewzion and a wifi connection.

Mining technology makes life easier for everyone involved in the mining and logistics industries. With millions at stake and reputations on the line, delivering on time and clear communication are more important than ever. This is why they rely on Fewzion to not only make the deadline, but to kick goals out of the park.

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