Why mining needs new technologies?

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Why mining needs new technologies?

Mining industry has been extremely successful for the last years, providing a lot of jobs and being an important part of the economy, however, the industry in under pressure, the lack of innovation has led many companies to reduce their capacity of production and also their performance. But why is this happening and what to do to get back to where it was before?

The industry has shifted its focus to improving productivity by “sweating” existing assets, but this strategy will go only so far. Despite the industry’s booms and busts, the nature of mining has stayed the same for decades. Achieving a breakthrough on productivity performance demands rethinking how mining works

As we are in the 21st century where technology is overwhelming our lives it’s unacceptable that some companies are still working in the past, implementing old solutions for current problems. The use of a good management operating system and some other technologies could be the answer to the mining problem. But first, those in charge must realize that we live in a new world where time is money  and everything has to be done faster and better .

A simple workforce software that integrates all the process would be imminently a big step to achieve what big companies are looking for, imagine if you could implement one system that pulled everything together… That got rid of most of those spreadsheets and got you back into the things you enjoy doing.

To complete the change there are many questions that miners should ask themselves before they start implementing new technologies .

  1. Is technology seen as an end in itself, or is this effort firmly grounded in value creation?
  2. Is technology seen as the next generation of bigger and better gear, or a more fundamental shift in the operating model?
  3. How effectively are the people changes managed, both the shift in culture and the change in capability mix required to deploy new technologies?
  4. How well does the organization adapt to the new set of opportunities?

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Ask yourself all this question and think if you are ready to let new technologies like Fewzion help improve productivity and performance.

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