Great new engine and many new features on the way

By December 16th, 2021Commit Works

All of us here in the Fewzion team are thrilled to announce Fewzion version 12!

This is our biggest release since way back in version 1, and is jam-packed with new features and improvements (along with our usual updates and fixes, of course).

We started the design of this version over a year ago with a technically challenging goal: to go back to basics and upgrade the foundations of the entire Fewzion platform. We have grown a lot with our clients over the years, and as part of that expansion we found ourselves needing more and more from our core technology. Our solution with this version is analogous to a “Heart Transplant”, in that we ripped out (very carefully) much of our original architecture and replaced it with a better, more efficient, more secure core. On top of the obvious immediate benefits this brings, most exciting benefits, though, are the features and improvements this new foundation allows us to build for you!

You’ll see some exciting updates following this major release, some of which we’ve already begun developing. Our plans include things like:

  • Improved, configurable management of Access Policies, thanks to a new Authentication and Authorisation core.
    Instead of predefined “Roles” with fixed access rules, you’ll soon be able to manage “Policies” for each “Role” (and the Roles themselves), with very fine control over who can access which parts of Fewzion.
  • Generation of Task Audit Trails, thanks to a major upgrade to our data handling and database.
    The original requirements for Fewzion’s data precluded some operations, including a simple way to audit Tasks. In the future you’ll be able to see a detailed audit for a Task, making it possible to easily see all activity for a Task.
  • Batch operations for Tasks, thanks again to our data upgrades.
    Need to change the same field for multiple Tasks? In the future you’ll be able to action them all at once, rather than one at a time.

We have many more features planned and can’t wait to get them to you! Of course, we’re not just giving you “behind the scenes” upgrades and future promises; we have a big stack of New Features and Improvements for you right now too. Click here for detailed release notes from our help centre

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