Fewzion is the right tool (cheese sticks don’t drill holes)

By January 13th, 2021Commit Works

We think using spreadsheets and whiteboards to manage work at the frontline of an expensive ERP or planning system is a bit like trying to use a powerful drill to make a hole with a cheese stick instead of a drill bit.

We tested some “spreadsheets and whiteboards” (i.e. other types of food) to see how they performed in our drill, watch the video to see what happened… If this video doesn’t work on your device then try this link instead.

So, cheese sticks don’t drill holes, regardless of how powerful or clever the ERP drill is.

Many big organisations have spent a fortune over the years implementing big ERP and planning systems. The problem is that these systems seldom help front line leaders (supervisors) know what needs to be done on their shift. Almost every operation we’ve seen uses spreadsheets and whiteboards to convert “plans” into daily work and actual results into visible performance conversations. Many of these “tools” were designed and implemented by Management Operating System (MOS) specialists who meant well but didn’t have a better tool in their tool kit.

Whether you are a manager or a management consultant you and your team can be much more effective by using Fewzion…

If you would like to improve your operation’s productivity have a look at the video of our webinar and gain insights into how a major Australian mine used Fewzion and doubled their productivity by giving supervisors a well thought out plan and making performance visible. , FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE WEBINARFIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE WEBINAR or contact us directly.

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