This Innovative Work Management System is Simple but Powerful

By January 26th, 2021Commit Works

Streamlining operational processes and getting teams working safely and productively is the driving force behind Fewzion, an innovative commitment management system that helps organisations distribute work and resources more effectively across their business.

Inspired by a gap they saw in the management systems used in the mining industry—where work was organised with post-it notes, whiteboard scribbles, and disparate spreadsheets—co-founders Paul Moynagh and Alex Retzlaff were determined to find a better way to improve the way people manage frontline work.

This innovative system integrates high-level planning tools and empowers those working on the frontline to plan and track commitments to ensure goals are met in a transparent and consistent manner. All information is made visible across the enterprise on a cloud-based web application, allowing real time collaboration and real results. As a consequence, plans can be made at your desk, adapted on the fly, and updated by the team out on site, so everyone has the information they need when they need it.

In 2012, Fewzion secured AngloAmerican as their lead customer, having received financial support from investors including Andrew Greig (ACAC Innovation), Artesian Capital Management and Slingshot Accelerator. Mr. Moynagh credits much of Fewzion’s success so far to client support.

“Investment will be critical to the future and growth of the business, however the key to success in any startup is to get paying customers first. It seems simple but you really don’t have a business if customers won’t give you money for your product or service,” said Mr. Moynagh.

Participating in the Queensland Government’s Talk IT Up program in early 2016 also allowed the company the opportunity to pitch the product to a number of government agencies. Talk IT Up is a speed networking session run by the Queensland Government Chief Information Office (For more information email the Queensland Government Chief Information Office). Startups and SMEs have the opportunity to pitch their technology solutions to agencies and engage with senior government representatives on how their technology may address the agency’s business needs. From the session, Mr Moynagh is now engaging with a number of agencies to discuss how Fewzion can support large scale operations and maintenance schedules into the future.

“The interest we received from this event has been outstanding. It is really helping us explore the potential of the Fewzion platform for applications outside of the mining industry,” he said.

The success of Fewzion is evident. Fewzion has improved efficiency by helping their client’s staff access important and instructional information about their required tasks. In addition, their clients (which include Anglo American, South32, Glencore, and Peabody Energy) have experienced increases in production of 39%, decreases in unit costs of up to 60%, and 50% reductions in the number of lost time incidents.

Investment in Fewzion can reduce the risk of worker injury, maximise production, and help those working onsite win the war on waste.

Fewzion’s achievements to date are inspiring and they intend to continue pushing boundaries. With plans to apply this powerful technology to utilities, infrastructure, mining, and health, Fewzion will help get everyone and everything working on the same page.

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