Fewzion for General Managers

Fewzion delivers results for General Managers

As a general manager in mining, you have to ensure that your mine stays competitive. You need to plan and deliver production improvements and guarantee the safety of your workers. If you don’t have a clear view of what’s happening on the ground, you don’t have control of your numbers.

When you’re presented with a software solution, you want to know:

  • Will it be worth the investment?
  • How has it helped other mines?
  • Why should I focus on this particular solution, as opposed to others?

How Fewzion Works

Fewzion integrated scheduling software was developed in collaboration with Anglo American to replace the whiteboards and spreadsheets traditionally used to prepare shift plans on site. A short interval control mobile app connects to Fewzion, allowing easy real-time tracking of shifts, so that progress is regularly measured against plans.

The system is designed to combat the planning problems that compromise efficiency and safety in mining. From monthly scheduling of personnel and resources all the way through to the most granular task-based details of a single shift, it’s the only fully integrated solution that can provide you with a complete picture of your mining operation, every day, every shift.

Comprehensive support

We’ll guide you through implementation, change management and adoption of the new system and provide ongoing support. Fewzion is simple for teams to use – in just two hours of training, you can be set up and ready to create and manage weekly plans and schedules.

Better Team Work

You’ll see significant improvements in schedule compliance and efficiency because our software empowers frontline teams by giving everyone access to the same plan. Progress is tracked using our short interval control app, meaning that teams are more accountable and you have better oversight of your business. All data is captured and reported accurately, enabling you to make decisions based on comprehensive, reliable evidence.

Significant improvements – fast

You may be surprised to know just how quickly production can improve once Fewzion is implemented.

  • Our clients regularly increase production by over 30% within two months. They attribute their success to better organisation and teamwork.
  • Over the past five years, while the market has seen a 21% rise in production, Commit Works clients have stormed ahead with an average 72% improvement in production.
  • Fewzion is delivering improved results for mining operations across Australia, Canada and Africa.

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