Nice review from CSC

By January 6th, 2021Commit Works

Dr Jeremy Davies Director of the Natural Resources Centre of Excellence at CSC said :

“In our experience of designing, building, implementing and supporting the day to day operation of mining systems we frequently find our clients have no systems that really make managing daily mining operations easier. They need to be able to control and adjust short term, hour to hour mining operations, and keep them closely linked to the longer term mine plans. They need a simple, easy to use way to convert the monthly and weekly plans into accurate day to day, shift and hourly based activities.

This is a very challenging task given the inevitable unplanned changes and new constraints that are introduced in every shift. Fewzion fills this gap and we have been impressed with its capability to plan and manage day to day tasks, provide a simple way to manage work orders and tasks and to accurately report KPIs at the end of each shift.

The contribution Fewzion has made to improving production performance in longwall mining operations is particularly impressive. We like their “hands on, crew focused” approach and their attention to detail – in particular with respect to “ease of use”, absolutely critical if any IT system is to be adopted and used effectively, day to day by a workforce. It seems to us the Fewzion toolset is a very practical way to improve operational performance – and make life easier for everyone.”

CSC is always on the lookout for innovative IT systems that can help miners improve their performance. CSC has the experience, people and infrastructure to help our mining clients introduce and use these new technologies safely and effectively. We are working with the team at Fewzion to make their toolset more widely available to our clients.

Dr Jeremy Davies is Director of the Natural Resources Centre of Excellence at CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) and part of CRC Mining, working out of the School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering at the University of Queensland

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