Ways we can help our customers during Covid-19

Given the current situation with Covid-19 and our experience with clients around the world we are uniquely able to help you be more effective at coordinating work onsite so that your frontline team still get a great plan each shift.

We have spoken to all our clients and have some great insights and tools to share about they ways they are using our product to support well coordinated workplaces despite the need for social distancing.

We can help in the following ways:

  1. We can send you an agenda & some tips for running daily planning and daily review meetings remotely.
  2. There is now a lot of training material built into our product so people can find detailed videos to answer their questions.
  3. We can provide a skilled MOS or wiring consultant to remotely coach your team to run these meetings effectively.
  4. We have tools built into our software that can track and report on meeting performance.
  5. We can coach or train in important moments such as before planning or review meetings to ensure your team are engaging effectively in the planning and review process.
  6. We can work with your IT team to help your team get access to the system from outside the site.
  7. With version 21 in April it will be possible to access the system offline and in places with a poor internet connection without any usability issues. Ask us how.

Download our case studies and white papers

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