Commitments and Expectations

By January 6th, 2021Productivity
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We are all in multiple tasking relationships, a tasking relationship is when you task someone and they task you, relationships such as husband and wife, mother and children as well as supervisors and employees. We all have expectations for those we want to task but at the same time, we are not good at expressing them so the other person does not know how to act in order to do what we really want them to do.

When we have expectations for someone, it can go in 1 of 3 different ways,  first, if  we do not mention what our expectations are the other person won’t know how to act and what to do, second, if we just mention our expectations people could take them as orders which somehow will limit their behaviour to comply what you have expressed and third if we discuss our expectations with the other person and it leads to a negotiation between the parts, the outcome can be the ideal as both parts are working on the same page and both can make commitments and deliver them.

Applying this theory to our workplace will help us to improve our communication with others and of course, our productivity as a team and as a company will increase drastically and everyone will know what the others want even before starting the shift early in the morning, therefore, at the end of the day the whole team will discuss the outcome and the performance of each member. Here is when a Commitment Management System becomes extremely indispensable for any company, having everyone involved and informed about what is happening every day will help the team to express the expectations and make commitments so the goals that you have set can be achieved easily.