Take CiteOps for a test drive
We invite planners, superintendents and supervisors to log into one of our demonstration accounts to see how CiteOps replaces traditional spreadsheet, whiteboard and paper-based tools.

Good systems make life easier, great systems change your life!
Everyone who comes to work wants to do a good job and be successful.
 The key is empowering frontline teams with a plan that they can commit to, and the resources and real-time insight they need to deliver on their commitments. With CiteOps, planners can easily create well-coordinated plans which are then available and visible to frontline teams, ensuring the right work gets done at the right time.

A single system to track progress in real time
CiteOps uses digital tools to get everyone on the same page, every week, every day, shift-by-shift, hour-by-hour. See how the shift plan is available to crews online or offline on multiple devices, while supervisors can track progress in real time throughout the shift. Pulling real-time data for the right people at the right time, CiteOps ensures everyone from mine leaders and supervisors and teams can make informed decisions.

Planning for change
When things change – and inevitably things will change as the work happens – real-time progress against plans is instantly visible to anyone, anywhere. With real-time data from the ground, you’ll see how plans can quickly be adapted to maximise productivity and safety. Variances are acted to continuously improve performance and reduce waste.

Your Commitment System
Our work management software interacts with your people and processes to form a Commitment System that empowers teams to commit to and execute the right work, at the right time, right across the site.

All work is planned, coordinated, visible, safe and productive. Operations shift gear into an ultra-responsive plan-do-check-act cycle, driving better decision-making and continuous improvement.

As a result, more of the plan gets done more often: increasing production, decreasing cost, improving compliance to plan, and making operations safer.

We've increased by metres and are now hitting budget for the first time. We're just a lot more organized than we were."

Matt JurakDevelopment Superintendant, Glencore

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