Closing the continuous improvement loop

CiteVis is a powerful visual management centre designed to help mining teams close the continuous improvement loop, effectively boosting performance and reducing waste.

CiteVis Desktop
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Up to date data, all easily accessible in one place

With up-to-date data of all key aspects of the operation tailored to end users, teams can work more effectively, productively and safely. The system’s advanced reporting capabilities inform regular performance reviews, while rich data analytics help teams understand root causes for plan variances and onsite issues.

When there are variances from the plan, CiteVis’ issue and action capture ensures they can be actioned and avoided in future. This amounts to substantial improvements in overall performance. Typically, our clients see production improve by 20% and compliance to plan improve by 150%

The future is digital

Conventionally, mining operations have relied on spreadsheets and whiteboards to manage day to day operations. This has meant that the plans teams rely on to get the job done were routinely out of date and didn’t reflect the reality found at the coal face. Though these disconnected manual tools had proven hard to manage and difficult for people to use, it was simply the way things were done.

CiteVis was designed to shift this paradigm in a powerful way. The system provides near real time data of your operations, allowing teams to head to work with an up to date plan that makes sense, every shift. Teams can access this data from anywhere using their own smartphone, with all the data available in one place. The data is also configurable based on your own preferences, giving everyone the information they need to do their work more productively, efficiently and safely.

Digitizing Tools
Cite.vis Touch Mining Software

When the whole team’s accountable, everybody wins

CiteVis was designed to keep the whole team accountable. It’s simple, really: if everyone can see each other’s work – both planned and actual – they’re more likely to do better work. Using specific metrics, you can set expectations and measure your performance against them. When issues arise, the system’s action register enables enhanced problem solving, helping drive performance and reduce waste.

Because even with a great plan in place, things will inevitably change as the work happens in a complex, ever-changing mining environment. CiteVis allows you to identify these variances from the plan in real-time, enabling mid-course corrections and immediate fixes. This adds up to big improvements in overall performance.

Bringing the data you need to the people who need it, when they need it

To make the most of all the rich data available in CiteVis, the software operates over four dashboards. This allows everyone in your operation to have the scope of data they need to do their work efficiently, productively and safely.

CiteVis Mobile

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