Everyone on the same page

CiteOps is designed to connect the intentions of management and planners to the work done by the frontline each shift by putting a well-coordinated shift plan in the hands of your supervisors each shift.

To ensure the plan is well-coordinated our software brings together mine planning, maintenance, projects, services, HR and ERP data (and people) to ensure all work is organised and able to be completed by the crews.

Shift plans are instantly available to frontline teams on mobile devices and large touchscreens to ensure everyone is on the same page. Supervisors and crew can track progress throughout the shift using our short interval control app, write their shift reports and contribute to daily review meetings all in the same system.

All your management operating system “wiring” in one place

We have the whole MOS covered with a fully integrated set of enterprise-grade products, making our systems easy to use and quick to implement on-site.

Our software makes it easy to run the whole plan, do, check, act cycle from short term scheduling through handover, short interval control and daily review meetings in one integrated system. Say goodbye to brown paper, whiteboards and spreadsheets.

Download our management operating system (MOS) Toolkit to see how our software could integrate into or replace your MOS.

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What CiteOps does

Pulls all work into an integrated plan and makes it available to crews online or offline on multiple devices.

Puts the plan in the hands of supervisors and crew so they can track progress during shifts using Short Interval Control.

Enables real-time corrections to the plan during the shift by planners or control room operators.

Flags issues with resourcing, equipment or dependencies, so that plans can be adjusted to avoid waste.

Makes planning meetings, daily reviews and other management operating system meetings easy.

Frontline Planning Software

Trusted to deliver results

We’ve implemented our integrated work management and short interval control software globally and helped most operations improve production by over 20% within months of implementation.

Frontline planning and scheduling

CiteOps helps you plan and manage work by connecting the work you want to get done and the targets you want to meet with the resources and equipment you need to get the plan done.

Shift scheduling

To plan a shift you need to know who’s going to be at work each shift. Our workforce scheduling software tools are designed to save your leaders a huge amount of time and ensure they stay on top of the time and attendance of their people.

Equipment scheduling

Our complete equipment management schedule enables you to see what equipment is available, which process it is assigned to and when it is due for it’s next service.

Learn more about frontline planning and scheduling

CiteOps Shift Scheduler
CiteOps Equipment Schedule
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Preshift alignment

Our aim on a project is to get the whole site on the same page, planning and improving results as a unified team. We have learned about change the hard way (through many years implementing hard-to-use tools), so we engineered the change process to ensure our software is quickly wired into day-to-day operations.

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Prestarts and handovers

To be able to hold a shift supervisor accountable for their performance to a plan it is important that the plan is appropriate for the conditions the supervisor is likely to encounter. Because things change quickly in dynamic operations it’s important that the plan for the shift can also be changed quickly to remain useful.

Learn more about prestarts and handovers

Citeops Planning Board
Progress Visibility

Visibility of progress

Our platform makes it possible to take your plan into the field. Using a tablet your supervisors can continuously update their progress against KPIs, the tasks they have completed and any issues they are encountering along the way.

Anything that is entered into our actuals screens is instantly visible on your planning screens so you can see how things are going and the crew can see how they are progressing towards weekly targets.

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Short interval control

Using mobile technology and real-time data, supervisors can track work on their tablets or mobile phones using our Short Interval Control (SIC) app while they are on site. The work of underground crews is regularly measured against plans and updated in real time.

Learn more about Short Interval Control

Short Interval Control Screens
Review Meetings

Review meetings

To complete the management cycle it’s important to review performance, identify variances from the plan and develop actions to remove future variances. At this stage is where Fewzion is so important in order to organise variance reporting.

Unfortunately most spreadsheet and whiteboard driven systems make this an extremely laborious process to do each day.

CiteOps makes it easy by collecting all the information entered by users (and some data from SCADA systems) and presenting it back in a daily report for each process. Reports are emailed out every morning in time for daily review meetings so that process leaders can review their performance and identify ways they can improve.

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