Fewzion creates a fully integrated frontline shift plan by bringing together mine planning, maintenance, services and ERP data to ensure all work on site is properly coordinated.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth

When Mike Tyson was asked by a reporter whether he was worried about Evander Holyfield and his fight plan he answered; “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

What Tyson said is similar to the old saying “no plan survives first contact with the enemy”. But does this mean that there is no need to plan? Absolutely not.

Holyfield was no doubt smarter and more strategic than Tyson (hard not to be), but was Tyson right? Tyson was a brawler, awesome at powerfully fighting his way out of a corner and landing devastating blows. Could Holyfield have planned to have half of his ear bitten off? How did he respond to Tyson’s unpredictable nature.

Holyfield won. Despite the massive 15/2 odds against him. He won. However had he blindly followed his plan when things had changed he may not have. The question is how you adapt your plan when you get punched in the mouth. There are two key things here

  1. Most of the plan should survive despite everyone being focused on the bit that is broken. So, keep the old plan in mind when working out the new plan. You may have a puffed up eye and half an ear but your arms and legs are still working so don’t stop moving, defending and throwing punches.
  2. The new plan needs to deal with right now reality. There’s no point thinking about training and strategy while you’re being punched in the face. Your ear hurts and your eyes are swelling so you need to think and make a decisive decision. In this case the fighter can either to go for a knockout now or stay away for a while, his choice will have knock on effects for the rest of the fight but the fighter needs to make a decision or get punched in the face again.

To bring this back to the workplace. If you’ve created a detailed work plan for your team that fully utilizes your people and equipment and key people call in sick or a machine breaks down. What do you do?

  1. Most of the plan should survive, priority jobs should still happen and most of the team should be able to carry on doing what they were planned to be doing. So, adapt the current plan to cope with the change, don’t throw it all out and start again.
  2. The new plan needs to deal with right now reality. In most cases planners won’t be around to help so your supervisor needs to be able to solve the problem himself, this means they must both understand the plan (the why behind the what) and believe that they have the authority to change it. Someone didn’t come in, I can borrow someone or do a different job from tomorrow’s plan. Machine is broken, can I do contingency work, fix it or borrow another machine. The last thing you want is for people to stand around doing nothing.

Both Tyson and Holyfield were right, plans shouldn’t survive the first punch in the mouth but you need one in the first place to be able to adapt it for changes in reality…

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first then seek to win” Sun Tzu, the Art of War.

So, be like Holyfield, put a plan together in sufficient detail to “win first” but ensure you can adapt this plan so that one “punch in the mouth” does not result in defeat. Holyfield won with a TKO in the 11th round after Tyson tried to bite his other ear.

Some things you just can’t plan for!

Remote but connected and committed.

An Important Message from the Commit Works team regarding the current challenges presented by Covid19

As the business community starts to navigate uncertain territory amongst the COVID-19 pandemic, we felt it important to communicate with our valued clients, contacts and friends during this time.

We will continue to operate at 100 per cent capacity and we are closely monitoring the situation in the following ways:

  • We are following the guidance supplied by the World Health Organisation and our respective Government authorities’ health guidelines to help us weather the storm created by this virus.
  • We remain open, with multiple lines of communication activated to ensure business as usual continuity.
  • Our remote working and secure IT systems have all been tested and are in place to seamlessly continue operations, and most importantly enabling us to provide service and support to our customers and users around the world, ensuring there will be no disruption to our customer support or software development work.
  • Through the effective use of remote technology, all planned site visits will be replaced with video conferencing to maintain the face to face contact so vital to our ongoing relationships with clients.
  • We will closely monitor the policy changes that our clients are enforcing whilst we roll out our remote support plan.

Despite the challenges facing us, we are committed to maintaining the highest possible levels of support and ensuring we remain responsive to the needs of our clients. We know these are unprecedented times. With the right upfront planning, we will get through this together.

Though there will be no handshakes for a while, rest assured, we’ll be here to support you.

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Underground Operators Conference 2020

Commit Works will see you at the Underground Operators Conference 2020!

The Commit Works team are looking forward to creating opportunities in the new frontier at the 2020 Underground Operators Conference at the end of this month.

Chief Executive Officer Paul Moynagh, General Manager of Asia Pacific Terry Henrikson, and Growth and Innovation Specialist, Stacey Steinberg will be exhibiting at the Perth conference from the 25th through to the 27th of March.

The Underground Operators Conference welcomes over 800 delegates from more than 160 organisations in positions such as mining engineers, mine operators, technical service managers and consultants. The conference hosted by AusIMM sets the benchmark for sharing underground operational experiences and industry best practice.

It will feature four internationally recognised keynotes and over 45 technical presentations, the program will also cover key discussion topics on process transformation, innovative mining methods and practices, health and safety, revolutionising the traditional mine and more.

The team view this as an incredible opportunity to join the conversation with international industry professionals discussing important changes and solutions for the future of underground mining.

If you’re heading along be sure to visit us at stand 59!

Learn more: https://undergroundoperators.ausimm.com/


Innovative Technology Executive joins Commit Works’ Board of Directors

Leading operational management technology company, Commit Works, announced today that it has appointed Henry Ye to their board of directors.

Henry, along with co-founder Adam Kossak, founded Aequora Capital, a private principal investment firm focused on high growth technology businesses with global potential, and has become an investor in Commit Works since 2018.

Henry began his career as a software engineer working in technical roles in companies such as EDS Australia, eCorp, TIBCO Software and has also spent time as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group.

At the end of 2001, Henry joined a small private software company to develop its international logistics software. Henry became an original investor and a senior development manager at the company, and later as product manager, GM for corporate development, and most recently as Managing Director for Greater China. Today, the company renamed to WiseTech Global, and is listed on the ASX with over $8 billion market cap.

“I’m very excited to be part of another great Australian company that will have a significant impact on an important global industry.” Henry added. “Having been part of WiseTech Global, I can see Commit Works traveling on a similar journey and I’m very keen to share my experience and learnings with the team”.

Commit Works enables frontline teams to plan, coordinate and control work in challenging operational work environments such as underground and open cut mining. Planned work is both safer and more productive than unplanned work. Since adopting this software, mining operations owned by major mining firms like Rio Tinto, Anglo American and Barrick Gold have increased the production of their operations, in most cases by over 30%, whilst also improving their safety records.

Commit Works CEO, Paul Moynagh, is excited to have Henry join the team. “Henry’s experience growing WiseTech into an eight-billion-dollar company will be extremely valuable for us as we scale up to meet our global potential.”

“Henry has strong expertise applying the theory of constraints to growing software businesses and I believe this will help us remove and avoid some of the constraints in our business so that we can consistently achieve more with less effort” added Moynagh.

Jason Aucamp - Commit Works

Project Director Jason Aucamp joins Commit Works’ mission to improve operational planning in Africa

Regional mining expert says Australian software will transform work on African mines

Leaders in work management software for mining operations, Commit Works has continued to expand its capability across Africa, with the appointment of Jason Aucamp as Director of Operations and Projects.

“Jason Aucamp’s track record as a business and operational leader in African mining is impressive,” said Commit Works CEO Paul Moynagh. “We are thrilled to have him on the team to bolster our efforts to improve performance and safety in Africa’s extensive mining operations.”

Mr Aucamp has more than two decades’ experience specialising in business development and project management on scores of major operations in Africa. A driven professional who has developed profitable projects across a range of commodities and in most African countries, he brings with him in-depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities of the region’s mining industry.

Mining operations in Africa still face significant challenges, many of which can be attributed to lack of resourcing, poor planning and safety, particularly in the execution phase of projects.

“Practical digital transformation strategies can boost production and minimise variance through better management of human behaviour and more effective utilisation of resources via work visibility, integrated planning and coordination,” Mr Aucamp explained.

“Commit Works’ Fewzion, Visual Ops and Short Interval Control software closes these gaps and delivers proven customer results,” said Mr Aucamp. “We plan to make a meaningful impact that will benefit both employees and investors within the mining sector in Africa.”

mining Indaba

Commit Works team is ready for Mining Indaba 2020

Jason Aucamp, Director – Operations and Projects (Africa) and Emelia Chalker, Head of Marketing at Commit Works will be heading to the Mining Indaba Conference in Cape Town, South Africa from Monday, 3rd February to Thursday 6th February 2020.

After the roaring success of the 25th Anniversary event last year, there are no plans to slow down. The world’s largest mining investment event will see the largest number of investors, mining executives and junior miners from across the globe come together for this leading deal making forum. 2020 Indaba event highlights will include:

·More space within the Investment Pavilion to allow for even more junior miners and investors.
·The Main Stage will once again host the CEOs, Ministers and maybe even Presidents that you can’t see anywhere else.
·Industry experts from across the value chain will tackle topics including the industry’s role in addressing climate change and decarbonisation and sustainability measures for investment in the next decade.
·Even more innovative digital case stories and technologies will inspire you in the extended Mining 2050, now 2 full days of content.
·A focus on China with more Chinese investors and an unmissable panel about how China is impacting the battery metal supply.

Our Commit Works team looks forward to talking about practical digital transformation on your mine operation and welcome the opportunity to meet with customers and prospects. Come see us in the Austrade Lounge.

If you’re interested in how Commit Works can help your operation, please contact jason.aucamp@commit.works to schedule a meeting.

TradeMutt-Longwall Conference - Commit Works

Commit Works partners with social enterprise TradeMutt for Longwall 2019 conference

We’re pleased to be joining forces with Aussie workwear company TradeMutt at Longwall 2019. Commit Works and TradeMutt will be exhibiting together at the conference, held at Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, on Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31 October.

Commit Works’ General Manager Asia Pacific Terry Henrikson and our Site Operations Engineer Rick Pestoor will be attending alongside TradeMutt co-founder Dan Allen.

We’ve chosen to team up with TradeMutt at the conference because we believe the work they’re doing in our industry is vitally important. Like TradeMutt, Commit Works is a company dedicated to improving the safety of workers.

TradeMutt is a workwear brand that aims to start conversations around the rate of suicide in Australia, particularly in young men. Its bright shirts are designed to break down barriers, start conversations and build camaraderie around the issue of mental health.

After losing a friend to suicide in 2015, Dan Allen founded TradeMutt with his apprentice at the time, Ed Ross, describing it as “a brand by tradies for tradies designed to make an invisible issue impossible to ignore, and positively change the outlook of the mental health space in Australia forever”. We congratulate Dan on his work and look forward to sharing our exhibition space with him this week.

Longwall is Australia’s only event specifically tailored for the nation’s elite underground coal mining operators. Building upon 2018’s focus on automation and technological advancement, Longwall 2019 will delve deeper into the human element behind the technology. This year’s conference will share insights on operator health and safety, rescue teams and the ongoing industry-wide safety narrative, alongside operator success stories, production milestone updates, mechanical innovations and technical case studies.

Scheduling Software

Scheduling tech and short interval control provide a high return on investment, says mining industry report

A high-profile report on technology in the mining sector has identified optimised scheduling and short interval control as two of the best investments for mining companies who are committed to digital transformation.

According to McKinsey & Company’s 2018 report, Behind the mining productivity upswing: Technology-enabled transformation, mining is already reaping the benefits of technological change, and mining productivity is on the rise.

The report stresses, however, that technology needs to be part of a holistic approach to transformation that extends across every facet of a mining organisation. Companies who invest in tech without a broad, organisation-wide strategy may not see the improvements they’ve been hoping for.

“There is no technological silver bullet that companies can buy to achieve their goals,” it states. Instead, transformation depends on the success of three interdependent engines, described below:

1. Harnessing tech

Harnessing digital, analytics and automation technology across an organisation can support productivity, safety, customer satisfaction, and supply chain management.

New technologies are already helping mining companies in many ways, including:

  • Improving throughput and recovery by using data and advanced analytics to inform decisions and improve processes.
  • Optimising maintenance, so it’s performed when needed rather than on a fixed schedule, thanks to sensors and machine learning. Phone- or tablet-based systems also help by giving maintenance workers the info they need while they’re on the job.
  • Reducing operating costs – especially through the use of robotics and autonomous machines.
  • Boosting productivity by coordinating activities. In underground mining, where this has always been a challenge, WiFi or 5G wireless tech on mobile devices allows supervisors to communicate with work teams in real time and adapt plans using short interval control to suit conditions.

2. Adapting management systems

A mining company implementing new technologies also needs to modify the ways in which its employees operate “to embed the new tools and insights into their daily workflow”.

Sometimes the organisational structure may need to change too. Traditional siloed teams typically lead to “slow and inferior decision making. Each team sees only its part of the whole, and when problems arise (as they always do), it works against collaborative and cooperative thinking and action. Most importantly, teams that work in silos know only what they know; they are isolated from the data that drives innovation”.

3. Overhauling culture and capabilities

Breaking ingrained habits is the third part of the puzzle; mining companies need to manage a change in mindset, behaviours and capabilities, formally and through modelling by managers. They will also need to train, retrain and upskill employees, and hire others to fill new roles as technologies are harnessed.

The role of better scheduling and control

The report lists optimised scheduling and control as “a use case that will provide a high return on investment” for companies embarking on tech-enabled transformation.

Commit Works’ Fewzion and short interval control systems are tech solutions that act across all of McKinsey and Company’s “three engines for change”:

  1. They harness mobile technology and analytics to support productivity, transparency, safety and decision-making.
  2. They modify the way that employees work together by giving teams access to a single plan in real time and enabling progress to be tracked – breaking down silos, allowing plans to be adjusted as necessary and making people accountable for the work they do.
  3. They change the behaviours and mindsets of teams and supervisors, through a system based on commitment, trust and accountability.

Commenting on the opportunities provided by mobile solutions for underground mining, the report notes that enabling supervisors to communicate with work teams in real time lets them “react and adapt to changing conditions, allowing an underground mine to function like a modern, sophisticated open-pit operation”. Furthermore, short interval control allows companies to “examine where decisions are made, and by whom, and empower their workers to make informed, data-driven decisions, quickly and safely”.

We’re proud to be delivering products that are so central to the practical digital transformation of the mining industry. Contact us to find out more about how Commit Works can help optimise productivity and safety on your mining operation.

Austmine -Miniing software

Join us at Austmine 2019!

Austmine 2019 is fast approaching! We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at this year’s mining innovation conference and exhibition from the 21 – 23 May 2019 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

We are honoured to be one of five cutting-edge technology companies being showcased by Jolimont Global on Stand 52. Our key leaders CEO & Co-Founder, Paul Moynaugh, General Manager, Terry Henrikson and Head of Marketing, Emelia Chalker will be there.

Commit Works provides a comprehensive, fully integrated frontline planning and scheduling system (Fewzion) that works with a short interval control app and visualisation software (Visual Ops) to give a complete picture of mining operations, every day, every shift.

Having completed successive implementations for Anglo American, BHP, Glencore, South32, Peabody, Rio Tinto, Mastermyne and Barrick Gold sites over the past six years, with each taking six to sixteen weeks to complete, every implementation has delivered significant improvements in production and safety metrics. Crucially, Commit Works continues to support each of these sites and regularly releases.

“Implementations of our software have helped deliver massive production and safety improvements for some of the world’s largest mining companies. Most recently a site experienced a 45% increase in mucked tonnes per day within weeks of the team adopting the system,” said Commit Works CEO Paul Moynagh.

For more information visit Austmine Mining Innovation.

Mine planning software - North America

Commit Works set for North American expansion

The company, which is already providing its integrated frontline scheduling software and real-time tracking solutions to mining operations in Australia and Africa, has opened new offices in Sudbury in Ontario, Canada.

Commit Works chose Sudbury for its vital role as a technology and innovation hub for the global mining industry. With more than a dozen mines within a 250km radius, Sudbury is less than four hours from Toronto, which is home to some of largest mining companies’ headquarters. With the international mining industry undergoing significant technological transformation, Sudbury is poised to become the centre of digital development in mining.

Paul Moynagh, CEO of Commit Works, said that he sees the expansion as an opportunity to create positive impacts abroad, as Commit Works looks to grow its team and recruit North American experts. He commented: “We’re excited to share our journey with some of the brightest minds in technology and mining, and we welcome the opportunity to develop the economy in the area by working with the local community.”

The announcement comes in the wake of two new appointments in the region: Joseph Gladu joins Commit Works as vice president for North America and Derek Polano steps into the role of adoption and results manager.

Moynagh stated: “We’re thrilled to be taking our products to North American clients, and I’m pleased to have Joe and Derek on board to drive that expansion.”

Joseph Gladu will primarily be responsible for growing Commit Works’ business in North America. Moynagh said: “Joe is an expert product evangelist with many years of experience in mining technology. He’s as passionate as we are at Commit Works about helping mining operations achieve improved safety, better adherence to plan and, ultimately, greater shareholder value. His contacts and strong relationships in the industry will be a great asset for us.”

Derek Polano is an experienced business improvement consultant with a specialisation in change management in the mining and industrial sectors. He will be responsible for implementing Commit Works software for clients, integrating it into their work and increasing their usage.

Moynagh commented: “Derek has worked for change management firm PACE and a number of miners in the Sudbury area, so he’s well placed to help Commit Works tap into a thriving mining cluster. We welcome his insight and are excited about the foundations he and Joe will be laying for Commit Works in North America.”