A sustainable management system

By January 5th, 2021Commit Works

There’s never been a better time to improve productivity and get control of costs in your operation.

Aligning front line leaders with your objectives is probably the greatest leverage you have to improve performance. The shift plan and tools that hold teams accountable for achieving the plan could be your most powerful tool.

However. The tools your team are using are probably clunky, hard to use spreadsheets and whiteboards that they hate and try to avoid. No wonder they are hard to sustain once the consultants have gone…

Fewzion helps by making it easy to develop well thought out plans and put them in the  hands of your supervisors every shift.

We take advantage of modern software usability to provide “ipad simple” functionality that you simply can’t get from spreadsheets, whiteboards and traditional ERP tools. Whilst improving on the visual management and interactive capabilities of tools such as Lean, Six Sigma, Management Operating Systems (MOS), Total Quality Management (TQM) and the Theory of Constraints.

This “ipadification” and Fewzion’s simplicity help it deliver the improved productivity and control you need to get results fast.

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